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by Min. Kevin Bright

Matthew 13:47-48 KJVS

[47] Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind:

[48] Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.

I enjoyed fishing when I was young. There was just something about waiting for a fish to strike the bait, then pulling them in after waiting a long time that brought satisfaction. It’s a sport built primarily on patience and persevering your own quick expectation. In order to keep the fish, it had to be a certain size. Otherwise, back into the water it went.

In the scripture above, the kingdom of heaven is described as being “like unto a net.” Using a net for fishing isn’t about sport, but sustenance. You gather as many as you can at one time, haul it all in, head to shore, then sift through what was caught. This approach is more about providing a need for many vs some singular personal satisfaction that using a line may bring. I see the sporting version more like religion, and the net more like a relationship.

We being the body of Christ should endeavor to know and be known the God while being cast as a wide net into the waters of life, bringing in all kinds of people in tow. Disciples give themselves to the process of connection and ever learning, while God and His angelic hosts go about sifting through the catch. The net doesn’t judge what’s caught, simply brings them to the shores as provision for a lost and dying world.

Too often I have judged people outwardly, declaring them “not ready for what God has”. How arrogant! My poor attitude is the first thing that needs and needed to be cast away. The truth is, we ALL want to be sovereign, and do what we want, yet the cost to disciple in Christ is often too high for us to be willing to pay. Those you lead may actually see your need for God in ways you weren’t prepared to expose.

May we recognize our position as the net, and be open enough to the Lord and His people to not be closed to being transformed, and changing the world we are blessed to impact, while potentially stumbling and uncertain how it will work out. Now faith makes us like Christ. Trusting God causes us to having done all to stand, stand. To stand with His people, in spite of our own emotional frailties. Acknowledge what’s happening in your heart with God, and keep it movin’. Souls need to see those scars and shortcomings. Thomas doubted until he saw the wound in our Lord’s side, and he was already a disciple (John 20:26-29)!

He who wins souls is wise. Would you dare to be seen? Be the net, and watch God draw them to HIS glory. Amen.