• About DC City Church

    In every nation, in every generation, we WIN.

    Our God-ordained journey continues.

    He likes to laugh. He loves the truth.

    The Bible is the key to what we believe.

    What to


    Love. Family. Truth. Joy. Jesus.

  • Impacting the Nation's Capital.

    Your giving helps us make an impact from The Hill to the hood.

  • Join us on Sundays at 11 am.

  • We WIN.

    Responding to the desire of God...



    God is seeking people who worship Him in spirit and truth. We aim to respond God's desire. We worship and provide gatherings where others can meet with God.


    Through Worship

    we Win.


    John 4:23



    God is seeking people who arise and pray for others. We aim to respond God's desire. We "stand in the gap". Individually, corporately, and through city-wide gatherings, we pray.


    Through Intercession

    we Win.


    Ezekiel 22:30



    God is seeking people who will speak "for Him" We aim to respond God's desire. We "network in the city for advancement of God's Kingdom". We facilitate city-wide ministry.


    Through Networking

    we Win.


    Isaiah 6:8

  • Contact Us

    We look forward to connecting with you soon.

    7101 7th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20012
    Sundays, 11 am
    Wednesdays, 7 pm
  • Passion

    translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1855


    Strive when thou art called of God,

    When He draws thee by his grace,

    Strive to cast away the load

    That would clog thee in the race!


    Fight, though it may cost thy life;

    Storm the kingdom, but prevail;

    Let not Satan's fiercest strife

    Make thee, warrior, faint or quail.


    Wrestle, till through every vein

    Love and strength are glowing warm,

    Love that can the world disdain,

    Half-love will not abide the storm.


    Wrestle with strong prayers and cries,

    Think no time too much to spend,

    Though the night be passed in sighs.

    Though all day thy voice ascend.


    Hast thou won the pearl of price,

    Think not thou hast reached the goal,

    Conquered every sin and vice

    That had power to harm thy soul.


    Gaze with mingled joy and fear,

    On the refuge thou hast found;

    Know, while yet we linger here

    Perils ever hem us round.


    Art thou faithful? then oppose

    Sin and wrong with all thy might;

    Care not how the tempest blows,

    Only care to win the fight.


    Art thou faithful? Wake and watch,

    Love with all thy heart Christ's ways,

    Seek not transient ease to snatch,

    Look not for reward or praise.


    Art thou faithful? Stand apart

    From all all worldly hope and pleasure,

    Yonder fix thy hopes and heart,

    On the heaven where lies our treasure.


    Soldiers of the Cross, be strong,

    Watch and war 'mid fear and pain,

    Daily conquering woe and wrong,

    Till our King o'er earth shall reign!


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