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Minister Belinda Gaskins

Jesus our conquering King! Undefeated, above all, with all authority in his hands. The only one who spoiled principalities and powers and brought them to an open shame! Our God who abolished death, hell, and the grave is now reigning in our mist. In our face!

What confidence we should have in him. Our Savior, Redeemer, Righteous King, a Devoted Father, and vindicator of our souls.

JESUS the one we have access to and through and by his Spirit. He has made himself available to us. We can now approach him, speak directly to him, look upon him. OH PRAISE HIS NAME!

But do we follow through with these opportunities he has given? Do we take advantage of the time and freedom to search him out?

I know it's hard to wrap our minds around these awesome truths and sometimes our thinking is too limited, too earth bound however the Spirit of the Living God will lead us...But will we follow him? Step by step, come on, line by line, precept upon precept?

This world has duped us deceived and blinded us by it's ideas, concepts, and impressions. Only the light of God can dissolved, break up, bring down and unlock the hidden agendas of the evil one called darkness.

Everything we need is in him! Hidden treasures, understandings, secrets from glory and so much more, but these treasures are buried deep so you'll have to dig a little. But God is with you, and for you and wants you to know as much as you can handle concerning himself and has given us the ability through his Spirit to come after him.

It will cost you something, but the payoff, the return on this investment will bring you great rewards.