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by Min. Kevin Bright

For much of my adult life as a believer, there has been an earnest desire to pursue and know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Many of the efforts and time to not only tell others, but also cultivate the reality of the gospel in a true way. Somehow along the way, as life and it’s many challenges have come up, I had begun to find myself looking for someplace nice to “settle into my faith.”

Then....2020 came. Between all new rules and regulations, the loss of life to a disease that has impacted us worldwide, while in the midst of racial and political tension...the message of Christ is ringing even more true within beyond the dark sayings of men.

Jesus is the way...the path to Him is riddled with our intents, yet He being the word becoming flesh in His church is the thing that the world needs to see and hear...

Jesus is the truth...when the folly of man has endeavored to self sustain, even repair chasms in our own souls, the comfort of truth in this hour is the anchor we need not to be washed away in the sea of opinion and feeling. He walks in the water of every word with His church in tow, by grace the waves have no authority over any of our steps...

Jesus is the life...on the other side of the perishing of this flesh is someone greater than anything we can take credit for. THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. The aspect that sets our Lord apart from all other conjectures and pontificating. HE lives, as do we...while we are looking to Him...the author and finisher of our faith. The Holy Spirit helps us in our infirmities to see this as a present reality, not some far off hope that will one day be.

May we share what we have received since we first believed. Jesus is the way...the truth...the life. Receive salvation today. It’s the great eternal gift that continues to give. Glory.