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By Min. Laverne Brewster

The seasons may change, and the years may past and relationships are challenged but through it all, one thing remains the same. And that is the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. We are always in the heart of God, he promised to never leave us or forsake us and he is true to his word. As we journey through this thing call life we will face many uphill battles, but remember you are never alone.

God Is and always will be our All and All, our one sufficiency. God is our hope and we can depend on Him. Know as you study to show yourself approved a workman that needs not to be ashamed that God cares for you through all your struggles and trials and is ever ready to reveal himself to you. Please don’t give up on God, because he will never give up on you.

Just continue to seek his face and his glory will continue to shine on you and light a path for you to travel. Just stay on the path no matter how long, because victory is always at the end of the road. Remember God Is God and he will never fail no matter the hurdle or the task God is more than enough.