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by Min. Belinda Gaskins

If we don't understand how to change, then we will have a problem! There are many voices and choices to follow. Some are pretty convincing. If we are to be Christ like then we will have to study, build into the character of Christ. Be an imitator of God, Eph. 5:1-2.

To be endowed with his sweet smelling savor, the fragrance of the Lord, we will have to know something about this person and have an intimate relationship with Him! Obedience and relationship are key. It will be a process, but the Holy Spirit who promised to help us is present! Oh praise His holy name!

God’s truth is a powerful, supernatural, transforming agent that will surely help us, starting from the inside out. Without God’s truth, we'll miss the target of success. The only thing I know that can deliver us from stinking thinking. We can go no further than what is in our minds. It's of most importance to hear the word of God, to persuade, convince us . His way is right! Thank God for His more than enough help to lead us into His likeness.