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We're On the Move

DC City Church Family and Friends,

It's amazing that my first month of service as new pastor is almost complete. The labor of Apostle Howard, Bishop and Minister Gaskins, and Pastor Dale laid the foundation for a smooth transition. I am blessed to serve God's people, DC City Church.

Special thanks to the Board for their wisdom, unity, and grace.

Here are a few exciting things to take note of as we endeavor to be great stewards of God's resources and grow in grace:

  • We have a new website up and active, at DCCityChurch.Com. You can point all your family and friends here to learn about us and what we are doing. You can also give directly on the website.  
  • While Pushpay has served us well, it will not be our online giving method as of January 31, 2019. We were able to cut the cost of using Pushpay, by using Subsplash, also a Christian Organization. Subsplash is already up and running. Here's two ways you can give:  
  1.  Text "dccity" to 206-859-9405 in order to receive a direct link to our giving page. You can set up a  personal Subsplash giving account to DCCC church.
  2. Simply go to DCCityChurch.Com and click "give"
  • When you start giving there are several categories you can give to - tithes, offering, building, missions, pastoral support, and other. Other categories may be established at another time.
  •  We realize that your giving is very important and we want to cut any external costs as much as possible, for the honor of God. 
  • Remember to participate in our time of fellowship with Advance Church on the 30th.
  • If at all possible, register for the Godly Leadership School as soon as possible, as the word is also going out to other ministries.

It has been great to meet with several of you one on one. You're a blessed people.


Pastor Bruce Clark

DC City Church

7101 7th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20012

Phone: 202.397.8148

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